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College & COVID-19: Community Service in Quarantine

We are living in a historic moment in time. COVID-19 is changing the world, for the worse and the better. I choose to look at the positive side of this situation. More and more people are reaching out and showing support for their family, friends, communities, and strangers. In college, I was involved with numerous volunteering organizations, and giving back to my community was a regular part of my life. Now in quarantine, I find it difficult to volunteer in the same ways as I did before, but not impossible.

There are many ways to stay involved with volunteer work and helping others during this pandemic. One way to give back is through finances. There are a variety of organizations working to help medics, first responders, and those affected by the coronavirus. But if you are a college student like me, then you might not be as financially stable to help those in need. There are plenty of other ways to give back using time and effort.

A club that I was involved with in college made cards regularly for sick kids at a local hospital. Even though we are no longer on campus, we are still able to make cards and send them to kids who need them. If you want to get creative and take part in this activity, see general rules about making the cards!

Another way to help your community is by providing supplies to local animal shelters. These animals need our help now more than ever. Supplies that can be donated includes food, blankets, towels, bowls, and new or gently used toys. See other ideas about what animals shelters need donated now.

One more way to make sure your own neighborhood is acting in a safe and healthy way is by checking on your older neighbors. You can post in a Facebook group that you are able to pick up groceries or run errands for those in need.

Also, make sure to check in with your friends. Being away from college and normal activities has taken a toll on my mental health, but volunteering and staying creative have been ways that I adjusted to this change of life. Make sure your friends and family members are adjusting as well by reaching out to them often.

There are many ways to help your community and the world while in quarantine. These volunteer opportunities allow me to feel like I am still living part of my college life. Hopefully these opportunities will help you feel like your life is a little more normal, and you can help others around you!

My name is Zoe Jenkins and I am a current sophomore at Indiana University studying finance and international business. I am a campus ambassador for the Forté, and I am very passionate about volunteering and women empowerment.

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