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Christine Flewelling: Why a Communications Major Now Loves Credit Research

Christine-FlewellingChristine Flewelling, Research Assistant, Loomis, Sayles & Company

Flewelling describes the career moves—and qualities—that attracted her to financial services

Christine Flewelling has made some counterintuitive, yet productive, career moves. She earned her bachelor’s in communications at Bentley University, but her first jobs were in fund accounting, marketing, and hedge fund trading and operations. Shortly before earning her MBA at Suffolk University in May 2014, she accepted a temp position in credit research for investment management firm Loomis, Sayles & Company in Boston—ultimately advancing into a full-time role.


Bentley’s curriculum challenged her to take half liberal arts classes and half business classes, preparing her for a range of opportunities. She viewed each job as another chance to define her interests and strengths. After eight years of career progression, she determined that pursuing an MBA would be essential to gain knowledge and skills, and demonstrate her career trajectory commitment. Christine enrolled in a full-time MBA program at Suffolk. She also worked full-time at an investment management firm the first nine months she was in school before taking the summer off from work to focus exclusively on her studies.

Shortly before earning her MBA, she began seeking a full-time position again, but a headhunter recommended a temporary position at Loomis Sayles given the firm’s strong reputation. A one-month gig turned into a five-month need—then Flewelling was offered a full-time job.


Flewelling works in fixed income credit research. Specifically, she covers the fixed income municipals market, including bond offerings of city, state, and local governments. She tracks the latest financials and current events, and updates models accordingly. Her research is used to make investment decisions.


In credit research, there is always new information to investigate. She loves the variety and digging into her interests.

At Loomis Sayles, she believes the people are incredibly intelligent and always willing to answer questions. Her position also enables her to have great work-life balance.


She’s striving to advance in the positions ahead of her: associate, analyst, and senior analyst.


  1. While full-time jobs help uncover your skills and interests, internships can shave years off of finding the correct path.
  2. Talk to as many people as possible through networking and interviews. Ask what they like and dislike about their jobs.
  3. Be honest about what’s most important to you—money, free time, etc. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t want something.


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