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A Netflix for Your Career? It’s Possible.

by Frida Polli

How awesome is it when Netflix recommends you a TV series that then becomes your new favorite? Or Amazon suggests a book that you can’t put down? Wouldn’t be it great if the same could happen for your career?

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Early Career

Not a “Numbers Person?” Why You Need to Become One

by Precillia Redmond

Don’t think you’re a “numbers person?” It’s time to rethink that definition. In a global economy surrounded by big data and a never-ending flow of information, working with numbers is integral in all career stages.

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Early Career

Confidence Matters as Much as Competence –

by Elissa Sangster

Forté Executive Director Elissa Sangster analyzes what prevents so many women from rising above mid-level management.

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Early Career

Europe’s Top B-School Courts Women by Learning What ‘Candid Americans’ Want

by Nick Leiber

About 17 percent of the students at the University of London’s London Business School’s full-time MBA program hail from North America. Just under one-third are women, according to Bloomberg Businessweek’s latest rankings profile.

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Early Career

Expanding Economic Opportunities for Women: What Works?

by Suzanne McCarron

One thing we have learned from working with developing nations over many years is that efforts to increase the economic participation of women yield tremendous positive impacts in subsequent generations. The challenge, then, is figuring out how to go about expanding opportunities for women. What are the most effective avenues to pursue?

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Forté Events

Breaking It Down: The Forté College 2 Business Leadership Conference

by Caroline Herrmann

Caroline attended the 2013 Forté College Leadership Launch for Women and gives you the run-down of what to expect at the conference.

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