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Be Your Best Self with Forté’s Women Lead Webinars

The Forté community is full of motivated women who seek out opportunities to challenge themselves and become even better at what they do. We love that energy — and professional development is at the heart of Forté’s long-running Women Lead webinar series. In each webinar, experts share research, insights, and advice on how to become a better leader. Below, we’ve highlighted ten webinars with a self-improvement theme. Each hour-long talk is designed to help you strengthen specific skills, connect with others, and maximize your impact.

A full library of previous Forté webinars is available to Professional Access Pass members. For $100/year, Access Pass members receive exclusive invitations to Women Lead webinars. If your company is a Forté partner you may be entitled to a free Access Pass. Check our partners list to see if your organization is involved. 

Stand up for gender equity at work.

Overcoming Barriers to Gender Equity in the Workplace (free to view). Ana Duarte-McCarthy, Forté’s Director of Development, Corporate Partners, leads a dynamic conversation on how women can overcome obstacles to their success. Panelists include Crystal Hardie Langston, Principal, Chief Diversity Officer, Vanguard; Jess Huang, Partner, McKinsey & Company; Elizabeth Nieto, Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion, Amazon; and Dr. Laura Wendt, Global Leader of Culture & Inclusion, Kearney.

Create and maintain connections that matter.

The Power of Your Networks. Networking is good for you — and not just as a way to advance your career. Your social connections also have a positive impact on your health. Dr. Marissa King, Professor of Organizational Behavior at Yale School of Management, and author of the book Social Chemistry: Decoding the Elements of Human Connection, shares how to deepen your personal relationships. 

Perfect your personal pitch.

The Art of the Pitch – How to Win ‘Em Over Every Time. Jodi Glickman, CEO of the leadership training firm Great on the Job, explains how to get your listener’s attention and pique their curiosity. Find out how to create a captivating pitch so you’ll make a great impression when it counts most.

Become more emotionally intelligent.

Exploring Emotional Intelligence. Emma Seppälä, Ph.D, is science director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education and author of the book The Happiness Track. She’ll walk you through improving your emotional intelligence — a valuable skill in any workplace.

Express yourself like the leader you are.

Communication Skills for Women to Win Leadership Roles.  Karen Laos is a leadership coach who works with women business leaders. Here, she offers guidance on communicating in ways that make you a more effective leader, from connecting with your audience to crafting memorable messages.

Develop your executive presence.

Build Your Executive Presence Wheelhouse. How do people feel around you? Your presence has a direct impact on your ability to influence others and achieve results. Diane Craig, president and founder of the leadership development program Corporate Class, Inc., will help you make your mark.

Craft a personal brand that boosts your professional image.

Leveraging Insights from Product Branding to Enhance Your Personal Brand. Dr. Wanda Wallace, CEO of Leadership Forum Inc., and Rebecca Fretty, founder and CMO of Firebird Branding, discuss how to apply insights from product branding to build yourself a “best in class” personal brand.

Enhance your creative thinking skills.

Innovative Thinking for Extraordinary Outcomes. Today’s leaders must be able to anticipate the future and make strategic choices. Dr. Iris Firstenberg, Professor, UCLA Anderson Department of Psychology and Anderson School of Management, shares a story of extraordinary leadership and explores the factors that made it possible.

Get better at dealing with change.

Deepening Your Capacity for Change. Change is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Jennifer Colosimo from FranklinCovey presents strategies for responding well to change in the workplace and at home, from having a “solution mindset” to making self-care a priority.

Build mindfulness into your daily routine.

Be Present: Mindfulness for Work and Life. Shannon Demko is a certified mindfulness instructor and founder of MindfulMBA, a website designed to make mindfulness accessible and relevant to people in the MBA community. In this webinar, she offers an overview of mindfulness, explains why it’s valuable in the business world, and provides simple ways to put it into action.

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