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Announcing the 2014 MBA Women’s Leadership Conference

We’re thrilled that 2014 is the 10th anniversary of our first MBA Women’s Leadership Conference!  Each year as we prepare and plan for the conference, I start to anticipate the buzz and energy that will fill the room when this group of amazing women comes together. I’m wondering how to communicate this experience to you so that you really get it… so that you can understand the importance of joining us. It’s just two days, but the impact is far reaching. And so often women don’t make the time for critical events like this—they seem indulgent or intangible. But the truth is these opportunities to network, build skills, and invest in yourself don’t come along very often. Make the commitment to be with us!

When asked how the 2013 MBA Women’s Leadership Conference impacted them, attendees responded:

“I felt really good coming out from the conference.  I was able to make some connections with companies that I would hope to work at in the future.  The conference empowered and propelled me to move forward to chase my dream.”

“The Forte conference was much more than a professional networking seminar for me.  I was deeply impacted on a personal level.  I was both inspired and humbled to meet so many excellent women.  I also felt confident and secure coming out of the conference knowing that I am standing on the shoulders of many great women leaders and entrepreneurs who paved the way for us to reach far.  I also built stronger friendships with my classmates as well as made connections with many smart and able women from other schools.”

Forté hosts this conference so that you can explore career opportunities at companies early on in the MBA cycle—it’s a chance to figure out what career path is right for you if you’re just beginning the MBA journey. If you’ve finished your first year of the MBA or recently graduated, you’ll also have the chance to network with other MBA women and our great speakers, panelists, and corporate representatives. At the same time, you’ll develop critical leadership skills through our professional development sessions that will boost your confidence as you re-enter the corporate world. And finally, you’ll have a head start on the other MBAs out there. Very few opportunities like this exist for MBA women. And because you have been admitted into a Forté sponsor school you are exclusively invited to take advantage of this one.

This year our theme is Bring it.  Own it.  Go for it.  Build your career with confidence—and that’s exactly what we want to help you do. How can you leverage substance, style and opportunity to propel your career? It takes more than “what you know” to sell yourself and your ideas. Confidence can be the secret sauce that allows you to maximize your impact and achieve your goals. The women who attend the Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference will leave energized and committed to excelling in their career. And you need to make this investment in yourself. There are lots of reasons why you can’t or won’t, but I encourage you to make the time for this important conference and kick off your MBA career in grand style. If you’ve already registered, block your calendars and visit this blog regularly for the latest conference news; and if you haven’t – then make the commitment to be with us!

Hope to see you in Los Angeles!

Elissa Ellis Sangster
Forté Executive Director

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