MBAs on the Move

Announcing Forté’s “MBAs on the Move” Campaign

Amanda-MagliaroForté’s “MBAs on the Move” campaign is our newest effort to showcase the interesting and rewarding careers of women with MBAs. The first of nine monthly stories is coming to your inbox next week. Find out who you’ll meet and what makes them unique.

Celebrate Early- and Mid-Career Wins

The campaign will introduce you to nine women rising in a range of industries less than 15 years after earning their MBA. Forté’s website is already packed with inspirational stories about college women, MBA students, and top executives. These stories will create a new category of content featuring women with fascinating careers who achieved success quickly after earning their MBA—and are still climbing. We selected these women because they are clear leaders—movers and shakers in many arenas—and we believe spotlighting their stories will have a powerful, positive impact.

While bringing you diverse stories is a priority, these women also have common qualities: connections to Forté and a commitment to lifting up other women as they climb. All MBAs on the Move are Forté members who attended Forté sponsor schools, some work at Forté sponsor companies, and many volunteer for us.

Show and Tell

Our MBAs on the Move also share geographic ties to the greater New York City area. Given these women are real, accessible role models, we didn’t want to stop at telling you their stories—we wanted to show you their remarkable personalities and presence. Forté invested in a special, Brooklyn-based photo and video shoot to achieve this, and we’ll publish our favorite shots with each profile.

As one woman we’ll feature says best in her video interview: “I think a big part of where we go as people has to do with what we’re able to see, what we think is attainable for us. Forté exposes you to the possibilities.”

Introducing Our “MBAs on the Move”

This April through December, we’ll send you one MBAs on the Move story each month via a dedicated email. We’ll provide the women’s career perspectives via short question and answer articles, or a video. Here’s a preview of the amazing women we’ll feature:

Role Model Company Title MBA Program
Christine Cuoco Twitter Senior Director of Global Business Marketing Harvard Business School, 2004
Malika Gandhi Deloitte Consulting LLP Principal Duke University, 2006
Lee Gonzalez L&L Hospitality Owner & Operator INSEAD, 2012
Johanna Key AT&T Senior Marketing Communications Manager Mills College, 2013
Amanda Magliaro Citi Managing Director, Head of Global Structured Finance Distribution Columbia Business School, 2002
Lauren Margulies  DaVita Healthcare Partners Senior Director of Business Development Harvard Business School, 2009
Nicolina O’Rorke   NBC Sports Regional Networks Chief Financial Officer Columbia Business School, 2005
Keitha Pansy   BlackRock Chief of Staff University of California – Berkeley, 2002
Kathleen Quirk Partnership Schools Chief of Staff Duke University, 2013

Making Progress: Breaking Down Long-Lasting Barriers

More than 15 years ago, Catalyst and the University of Michigan researched why women still aren’t adequately represented in MBA programs, despite the admirable businesswomen surrounding us. The barriers they discovered that keep women from pursuing MBA degrees called us to launch the Forté Foundation, and reinforce why we believe our new campaign is so important:

  • Lack of female role models (56%)
  • Incompatibility of careers in business with work/life balance (47%)
  • Lack of confidence in math skills (45%)
  • Lack of encouragement by employer (42%)

Forté’s MBAs on the Move campaign will bring you more female role models in our network who have broken down these barriers—and who will accelerate the incredible progress we’re making together in closing gender gaps in business school and leadership.

We want to hear from you! What industry, function, experience level, and/or location would you feature in a future “MBAs on the Move” campaign? Email your feedback to


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