Diversity and Inclusion

6 Ways to Make Your Workplace More Inclusive

Forté’s monthly Women Lead webinar series invites experts to share research, insights, and advice on how women can become better leaders. Below, we’ve highlighted webinars from Forté’s archive that offer insights on how we can all contribute to making our workplaces more inclusive — from having candid conversations to understanding intersectionality.

Know the business case for diversity and inclusion.

Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for a Competitive Advantage (free to view). Diversity experts Dr. Candice Bledsoe, Director of the Action Research Center at SMU Cox, and Ana Rodriguez, Managing Director of the Latino Leadership Initiative, discuss the positive impact of diversity and inclusion on an organization’s success. Find out how you can help your organization become more inclusive.

Listen to women of color and learn from their perspectives.

Real Talk About Opportunities and Obstacles for Women of Color in Business (free to view). Ana Duarte McCarthy, Director, Corporate Partners, Forté, moderates a conversation with three women of color about the paths they took to their current roles and what they’ve learned along the way. Hear from Raisha Lavigne, Director of Operations, Davita; Roxanne Warner, Head of Investor Relations, Whirlpool; and London Worrell, Enterprise Digital Skills Project Manager and Finance D&I, Chevron.

Honor identity in your mentoring relationships.

Mentoring Across Differences. Mentoring relationships between people with very different identities have the potential to be enriching and rewarding experiences, but it can be challenging to build a strong connection with someone whose life experiences and worldviews are unfamiliar to you. Dr. Kimberly Griffin, professor and associate dean at the University of Maryland, offers guidance on establishing equity-based relationships that acknowledge and affirm identity.  

Have candid conversations with your colleagues.

Candid Conversations on Gender Equality. Forté created this webinar to help people overcome their discomfort about having candid conversations on gender equity, but the guidance from inclusive leadership trainer Julie Kratz will also inspire meaningful conversations about race. Explore strategies for addressing microaggressions and advocating for diversity and inclusion in your workplace.

Understand what an inclusive workplace looks like.

Creating an Inclusive Culture – Why Everyone Must Play a Role. In this webinar, Dr. Wanda Wallace, president and CEO of Leadership Forum, Inc., shares research on inclusivity and explains how organizations benefit from building an inclusive culture. Find out what sets inclusive cultures apart, and learn how you can help create the culture you want.

Explore why intersectionality is an important part of inclusion.

Why Intersectionality Matters. We all have varying identities that make us unique. Understanding how these identities intersect is an essential part of building and maintaining a diverse, inclusive workplace. Inclusive leadership trainer Julie Kratz and financial coach Ericka Young discuss ways to recognize intersectional identities and create an equitable workplace where intersectionality is never a barrier to success.

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