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4 Tips to Strengthen Quantitative Skills

When trying to improve quantitative skills, it is important to give yourself varied materials in segments to absorb and learn at a reasonable pace. Cramming learning materials in such a way is much like heavy lifting when your muscles are overworked or out of shape; more often than not it will be very exhausting and may not produce the results desired.

The following four tips will address just how students can choose cost-effective resources at their disposal for a strong approach to improve their quantitative skills in business.

Read Business-Oriented Materials such as Journals, Articles, and Blogs

Becoming familiar with the language of business is pivotal to being able to advance in your study of business concepts and models. The vocabulary of business is not the typical vernacular you hear every day and requires familiarization.

By reading these materials you will also strengthen qualitative understanding of business such as the climate of the marketplace, the key movers and shakers, and the way policy affects business here and all over the world.

Pick at least one business role model in the industry you want to enter and examine how they became successful.

There is a great deal we can learn from leaders in business in the way they got started and how they advanced in their industry. Great leaders were all students at one point, and it was their decisions at this key time in their life that paved the way for their future successes.

Studying at least one role model is not just good to boost your morale and inspire you, but it will remind you that you are more than capable of achieving all that you intend to if you take the right steps to prepare yourself.

Pick up from the library or purchase a copy of a prep material book in a subject you need work on.

If your background is not business, math, or science, it can be difficult to dive into business studies. To help facilitate the transition, a lot of students take time during the summer or during their breaks to brush up on some old math concepts and learn some basic statistical concepts.

I have found that the materials students use to study for AP tests in Math and Statistics are great for preparing for business classes in college. There are a great deal of prep materials for students in college or post college to pick up and peruse. You may even find your campus offers certain discounts to purchase these materials if you ask your career center or business school advisor.

An even more targeted approach would be to pick up the exact textbook from a course you will be taking and get a head start on the material so you have a strong start and not such a steep learning curve to circumvent.

Look online to see videos for certain math concepts performed on paper or in a classroom setting.

There are many websites which students can use to review their calculus, algebra, and geometry concepts with practice problems and detailed solutions. There are certain courses online students can audit or take free of charge to enhance many other quantitative skills.

Community colleges also offer summer enrichment programs for those who prefer a classroom setting in person. In fact, if you want to brush up on a specific mathematical or statistical concept, you can look at the online non-profit, Khan Academy, which has pre-recorded video tutorials for students at no cost to you.

As great as these resources are, a college education and obtaining a degree are the ultimate accreditation you can receive for your hard work as a student.

Quantitative studies can be very exciting when you have a confident approach to tackling them and have good inspiration and guidance along the way. Happy studying!

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