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Heather Cabot: Geek Girl Rising

The way the tech industry has evolved into a boy’s club has made it difficult for women to feel welcome.

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MBAs on the Move

Meet Melissa Waters, Lyft’s Savvy Marketing Leader

by Meredith Hunt

With finesse and a strong social network, Melissa Waters has pivoted from public relations for non-profits to tech marketing at Lyft.

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MBAs on the Move

Meet Jessica Kapadia – Daring Apple Professional

With street smarts and natural curiosity, Jessica combines her knack for numbers and her consulting and finance experience to develop global strategy at Apple.

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MBAs on the Move

Christine Cuoco – Twitter & Harvard: She Is Innovative, Curious, And Sincere

by Mandy Dorn

In three years, Christine Cuoco has built Twitter’s North American marketing team and now reports to the Chief Marketing Officer. Read about her keys to success.

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College Student

Book Review: By Invitation Only

by Nicole Chacin

Nicole shares why “By Invitation Only” is an excellent read for any woman interested in finance, fashion, technology, and start-ups.

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Women of Leadership Profiles

Paula Tolliver – Dow: Practicality, Passion and Perspective

Paula Tolliver shares the secrets of a long successful career in business services.

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