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Transitioning from an Expert to a Leader Webinar

November 20, 2012
12:00pm EST

One of the most challenging career moves is the leap from a specialist or expert to a leader. This move takes you from your comfort zone of being an expert where people follow you, listen to you and include you because you have the answer – to a world where there is no “right” answer. When you lead you are making a series of judgment calls, you are not always in control and you cannot do the work on your own. You must inspire people to follow you. In this world, networks and political savvy, executive presence and confidence, motivation and influence, and emotional and social intelligence are the critical skills required.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to prepare for this career transition and step outside of your comfort zone
  • The specific skills you will need to be successful in your new role
  • Tips and resources for developing these essential skills

This workshop will be facilitated by:

Dr. Wanda Wallace
President and CEO of Leadership Forum Inc.
Dr. Wanda Wallace is President and CEO of Leadership Forum, Inc. LFI designs and delivers innovative programs that enable leaders to deliver better results. LFI focuses on the leader’s role in pushing strategic thinking and execution, driving change, developing leadership capability and managing diversity. In addition, Dr. Wallace coaches leaders, works with teams and consults with organizations on improving gender diversity. In all of her work, she emphasizes the challenges of both building and sustaining productive relationships at all levels in the global corporate context.

Most recently, Dr. Wallace has focused on helping women advance their careers as well as assisting corporations in engaging managers. This work began with a research project that explored the careers of women in senior-level corporate positions and focused on why these women were leaving corporate life so quickly. She speaks at large scale events (e.g., “Women on Wall Street” in New York and “Women in European Business” in London) as well as smaller company-specific functions. She also conducts seminars and coaches female and male leaders.

Dr. Wallace received her Ph.D. from the Psychology Department at Duke University in 1985, with special emphasis on cognitive and thought processes. She is the author of Reaching the Top, Factors that Impact the Careers and Retention of Senior Women Leaders.

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