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Starting in Pre-Med and Publishing, This Bookworm Found Her Calling in Sales

Growing up in modest circumstances in Manila, Mayla Sanchez relied on books for entertainment, and she read anything she could get her hands on. Education and professional careers were highly valued in her culture, and Mayla studied microbiology and public health but then decided not to become a doctor. While working for health-focused publishers, to her surprise she fell in love with sales. Mayla decided to get an MBA at the Gies College of Business to beef up her skillset. After graduating valedictorian of her executive MBA class, Mayla is now chief commercial officer at BibliU, a software company that offers universities a platform from which to host online textbooks.

  • BS, Microbiology
  • MBA, University of Illinois Gies College of Business
  • Chief Commercial Officer, BibliU (formerly Bibliotech Education)

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