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Early Career

Reflecting on 2013 and My Last Semester

I can’t believe that it’s already my last semester here at USC Marshall. The last 1.5 years have gone by so fast, and going to business school has been one of the best decisions I’ve made so far.

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6 Rules to Expand Your Network and Enrich Your Existing One

by Nicole Chacin

Given the prevalence of building a strong network and its necessity to gain entry-difficult positions in places such as Wall Street and Silicon Valley, it is rather useful to have an approach to building your own.

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College Student

(Elevator) Pitch Perfect

by Caroline Herrmann

We all have to master our elevator pitch, with a little bit of effort. Caroline gives a few pointers on how to get it right.

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College Student

The 401(k) Decoded for Graduating College Students

by Jaskamal Gill

As a college senior, you have no doubt heard about the 401(k) retirement savings plan, but how much of it have you actually processed?

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Career Switching

5 Elements to Consider Before Changing Majors

by Nicole Chacin

Before taking the leap of changing your degree, Nicole encourages the consideration of five critical elements: timing, personal capability, understanding of post college opportunities, department resources, and financial needs.

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Job Search

3 Tips for College Students Preparing for Job Interviews

by Kaitlyn Lannan

If you prepare for a job interview and use the following strategies, you will end up much more successful in your job and internship search.

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