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College Student

Put Aside the “What If” and Measure Yourself in Humanity

by Nicole Chacin

Nicole looks to the future by removing the focus on the hypotheticals we think are key to our happiness and instead embracing the successes and setbacks in every moment of our lives.

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Navigating Conflict, Contention and Competing Perspectives Webinar

Leadership Expert and Executive Coach, Wanda Wallace, will facilitate the first in a two part series on conflict that will provide a primer on handling this common workplace issue.

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College Student

Focus on School, Even During Winter Break

Winter break doesn’t have to slow down your studies. Use the time wisely by getting ahead on classes and earning some spending money, but don’t forget to relax too.

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Emotional Intelligence: Do You Have it When it Counts? Webinar

Your education got you in the door, but Emotional Intelligence, the awareness of yourself and others and the ability to manage both yourself and others in order to further relationships, is the key to advancing your career. This webinar will introduce the pillars of EI and provide some tips in order to exercise EI when it matters most.

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College Student

Keeping Momentum During Winter Break

by Kaitlyn Lannan

It can be difficult to stay on track with your career goals and school during a break as long as winter break. However, it’s easy to keep your brain engaged and active while you don’t have to stress over homework or finals.

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Gender Equality in the UK: The Next Stage of the Journey

Most women in the UK are dissatisfied with their jobs, according to a Bain & Company survey. Too many are stuck in middle management positions or opt out of career advancement because they lack corporate support to balance family obligations with professional aspirations.

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