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Diversity and Inclusion

Want to Be a Champion at Work? Embrace Intersectionality.

by Elizabeth Stokes

Become a better leader by leveraging moments of self-doubt and reach to understand what makes others unique.

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MBAs on the Move

Pastry Chef Turned Non-Profit Executive Now Influences Hospitality Sector

by Meredith Hunt

Adrienne has built a career on solving challenges in the hospitality industry—from improving food quality to taking care of people’s well-being.

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Women of Leadership Profiles

In 20+ Years at Dow, Two Women Leaders Improve the World

by Meredith Hunt

Karen S. Carter and Jane Palmieri have been at Dow for 20+ years because of the company’s commitment to making a positive impact.

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Men as Allies

MBA Men Want to Lend a Hand for Gender Equality, Not Save the Day

by Elizabeth Stokes

Women are seeking collaboration and understanding, not knights in shining armor.

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Forté Sponsor News

First Forté Business School Reaches Gender Parity

by Meredith Hunt

USC’s Marshall School of Business recently became the first top 20 graduate MBA program to have a majority female enrollment.

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Nontraditional Career Paths: Pursing Entrepreneurship and Growth

by Sarah Rumbaugh

“I hope that my story can inspire other female MBAs to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams.”

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