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Jacqui Cuffe, 2014 Edie Hunt Award Winner: A Passion for Leadership

by Amy Heibel

“It was so cool to see these senior women and top companies all talking about the importance of having women in the company. Having women in leadership is something I’ve been passionate about for a long time.”

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Diversity and Inclusion

Confidence, Inspiration, and Leadership: The 2014 MBA Women’s Conference

The 2014 MBA Women’s Leadership Conference was hosted by UCLA in late June. Attendees gained confidence from sessions by presenters including Cindy Solomon, Katrina Lake, and Ali Wing. Women had the opportunity to meet sponsor companies at the career expo and ended the event on a “Happy” note.

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Forté Fellows

Chantel Adams, 2014 Edie Hunt Award Winner: Pay It Forward

“I truly believe that when you present yourself well, people see your potential and want to help you along, and it’s my responsibility in turn to mentor someone else.”

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Women of Leadership Profiles

Beth Bovis – A.T. Kearney: Breaking the Glass Ceiling (While Working Part-Time)

As a consultant, Beth Bovis can live anywhere she wants and has carefully crafted her work/life balance. You’re surprised to see “consultant” and “work/life balance” in the same sentence? Consulting is commonly considered a way to rack up the frequent flyer miles and see the world, at some cost to domestic stability. But Beth is eager to counter that stereotype.

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MBA - Application Process

What to Expect at the Forté Forums

If you’re considering an MBA, a local Forté Forum is the best place for you to get your toes wet. Read an attendee’s Forum experience as she discovered the resources available to her to reach her dream of business school.

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Job Search

A Netflix for Your Career? It’s Possible.

by Frida Polli

How awesome is it when Netflix recommends you a TV series that then becomes your new favorite? Or Amazon suggests a book that you can’t put down? Wouldn’t be it great if the same could happen for your career?

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