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Targeting a Spring Application Deadline – Tips for Success

stock_student5From the Simon Admissions Blog
by Rebekah Lewin, Executive Director of Admissions & Administration

We get many questions from spring applicants wondering if it’s “too late” to apply or worrying about coming in after several rounds of applications are under review. Many express concern that some of our spots are already reserved and wonder how competitive it will be for remaining spots. Don’t worry – if you are a top candidate, you will be competitive, regardless of which application cycle you target. Try not to over-think the situation as most top schools operate a waiting list to save some spaces for top candidates across each application round. The Simon School also offers scholarship consideration across all of our application rounds, which is a huge benefit. A few tips to keep in mind to help you put your best foot forward in the application process:

Regardless of your reason(s) for applying in the spring, you should be confident and put your best foot forward in all of your application requirements – show how you expect to be an asset to your target school as a student and future alum.

Be thorough in researching your target B-school and express clearly why you are a “good fit” for the program. Typically the essay and interview components are good opportunities to express this to the Admissions committee.

The Simon Admissions Committee will not ask you to address “why” you are applying during the spring. It’s your decision on if/when to provide this information to us.

There will be little time to retake test scores or update items in your application after submission, so make sure you are really satisfied with your application items before submitting them for review.

The interview timeline will likely be compressed given the time of year so be prepared to quickly respond if/when an offer is extended.

Similarly, if admitted, the timeline for your response to our offer will likely be 3 weeks or possibly even less, depending on how late in the year you are admitted. Make sure you ask critical questions up front, so that you are prepared to commit and enroll if you are admitted!

Each year, we admit some great students in the spring and we look forward to seeing you apply this year! Final application deadlines are as follows and rolling admission occurs in between the deadlines:
March 15, 2013 – Final deadline for International candidates and 1-year MBA candidates
May 15, 2013 – Final deadline for Domestic 2-year MBA and MS candidates

See the Simon School application.

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