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First 30: Knowledge – It’s More Important Than Money

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First 30: Knowledge - It’s More Important Than Money

About to start an internship or a new job? Join Career Protocol for #First30, a series of conversations in which we share our favorite tips to make the most out of your first 30 days on the job.

Angela is an MBA, a former Management Consultant, a Career Coach, and an entrepreneur. She’s building her first major business, Career Protocol, a professional development company that offers elite learning opportunities to anyone who wants to maximize 3 things: positive impact, career success, and joy. Beth is Career Protocol’s employee number one, and she’s a rising MBA student with a background in small business marketing. This spring, we are based in Florence, Italy, living the start-up life, and making good things happen fast. We are taking a little time out of our hectic schedule to share our wisdom with you. Read more about us below.

Welcome to First30.

It’s a series of conversations – and a contest. In each episode of this three-part series, both Angela and Beth will share their one top tip related to a weekly topic. Neither one knows what the other one is going to say, but the discussion is guaranteed to be lively, humorous, surprising, and enlightening.

After each episode, you, the listener, will vote on whose tip you liked best that week. Whoever between Angela and Beth, wins 2 out of 3 episodes, gets a free dinner. And the other one has to buy!!! Since we’re in Italy, we’ll be sure to share the drool-worthy dinner with you on our Instagram.

Here’s the episode lineup. And here’s the link to vote.

Week 1: It’s more important than money

We will discuss the very most important form of compensation you can get in the early days of your worklife: Knowledge. We’ll discuss some secrets to learning and goalsetting that will help you learn as much as possible and collect a huge knowledge paycheck in your internship.

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