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College Student

Put A Ring On It? (And by It, We Mean an MBA.)

by Anna Johnson, Admit Advantage

The personal decision to get an MBA takes research and planning. Is this the right time for you to commit to business school?

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Women In Finance: Find A Work Environment Where You Can Be Yourself

by Mandy Dorn

“The finance and accounting background is necessary—and you learn so much about managing people, problem solving, and business that is not as tangible but is so valuable.”

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MBA - Application Process

Meet Trailblazer Divinity Matovu: Wharton MBA Fellow and MBAMama Founder

by Mandy Dorn

MBALauncher Divinity Matovu begins University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton MBA program this fall with a focus on finance and entrepreneurial management.

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Early Career

Women Lead Webinar: Being the Boss

by Bianca Bickford

Identifying and closing both performance and opportunity gaps in the workplace are the keys to success.

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Early Career

Ladder vs. Lattice: Why Horizontal Career Moves Can Help You Climb Higher, Faster

by Precillia Redmond

How do you get from where you are today to where you ultimately want to be? You could climb the ladder in a traditional sense or lattice your way to your desired job. Find out the pros and cons of each method.

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Women of Leadership Profiles

Focus On Who You Are, And Do It Well

Debra Coleman briefly tried working in a school… and in a corporate law office… and in a law firm that collected delinquent taxes. “I had no idea what I wanted to do!” she recalls. Graduating from Williams College with a liberal…

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