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College Success

Mind the Gap (Year): Get Ahead On Your Internship

by Yehee Lee, Mount Holyoke College

Focus on your inner voice and don’t fear making an unpopular decision.

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Women of Leadership Profiles

Kelly McPhilliamy Finds Inspiration Strategically Advising Health and Beauty Clients

by Meredith Hunt

“Health and beauty is fascinating because it is always changing and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit.”

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Women of Leadership Profiles

At ExxonMobil In Hungary, Jennifer Hibbert Adds Expat To Her Resume

Following her mother’s advice has led Jennifer to many unexpected rewards.

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Career Advancement

Don’t Let Imposter Syndrome Hold You Back

by Lisa Beebe

Senior executive women share their advice for building confidence.

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MBAs on the Move

PIMCO Executive Is Committed To Learning And Authenticity

by Meredith Hunt

Sapna Shah successfully shifted from client service to corporate social responsibility through an openness to learning.

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Impact Stories

Forté Role Models Showed Simran Khanna That She Has What It Takes to Succeed

Intimidated by the finance world, finance major Simran Khanna had never considered financial analysis as a possible career path. That all changed when she met women role models at Forté who taught her why her voice mattered. After she attended a…

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