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MBA - About the MBA

College Students: Is an MBA in Your Future? Consider Deferred Enrollment

by Jennifer Jackson

Secure admission to a top MBA program before graduating.

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Diversity and Inclusion

What Is Intersectionality? 5 Terms to Know

by Lisa Beebe

In order to communicate effectively on these issues, it helps to have a shared understanding of what certain terms mean.

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College Success

Mind the Gap (Year): Get Ahead On Your Internship

by Yehee Lee, Mount Holyoke College

Focus on your inner voice and don’t fear making an unpopular decision.

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Women of Leadership Profiles

Courtney Hendrickson Drives Sustainable Growth Through Innovation at Ocean Spray

by Meredith Hunt

She travels the world, introducing food & beverage companies to new ways to include cranberry in their products – and serves the farmers who grow them.

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MBA - About the MBA

From Passion to Purpose: Morgan Klausner Shares Journey of Deferred Enrollment MBA

by Maggie Dodson

“I found that I loved the intersection of business, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.”

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Stephanie Lampkin’s Start-up Alleviates Hiring Bias

by Meredith Hunt

Leading her second start-up, her mission as Founder & CEO of Blendoor is to eliminate unconscious hiring bias in order to create more diverse and inclusive companies.

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