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3 Tools to Design the Future You Want

A few years into your career, are you ready for change? Maybe you love your company but your job has become routine and you are ready for a new challenge.  Maybe you are considering whether or not graduate school should be in your future.

Here are three best practices from those who have been in your shoes:

  1. Do the work. Before you jump into your next role, take some time to explore you – your goals, your strengths, your brand and your presence. There are so many resources out there – from professional assessments to articles to workshops – how do you know which ones to choose?  Hold that thought.
  2. Know that you are not alone. In fact, this questioning is so common, there’s a name for it – the quarter-career crisis.  Find others who are also thinking about their next steps so that you have a community of like-minded peers.  How do you find this group?  Just a minute and I’ll get back to that.
  3. Create a career plan regimen. You wouldn’t expect to get fit by exercising every now and then, would you? Build a schedule so that you can remain disciplined and focused.   This is where that community would come in handy but wouldn’t it be great if you could also get emails delivered to your inbox at least once a week?  Sure, but how do you create that structure for yourself? Lucky for you, we have all the resources ready for you. Keep reading.

Forté Career Strategist is a 12-week program which can provide the resources, community, and focus you need to carefully plan your professional future.  You will participate in live, interactive skill-building webinars with leadership experts, join an online community of likeminded early-career women, and access a curated collection of articles, videos and self-directed exercises (~1 hour/week).   Even better?   Given Forté’s partnership with global leadership experts at FranklinCovey, you will have access to their leadership library which includes weekly emails with professional development tips.

This is a $249 investment in your future and it might not even have to come out of your pocket.   Have you talked to your manager about whether your company has professional development funds for its employees?   Common practice is that all employees are allotted educational or professional development funds that can be applied towards programs just like this. Not sure where to start? Reach out to me for help in steering the conversation with your manager.

The Career Strategist program runs September 14 –December 7, 2022, and you’ll have access to the online learning communities until March 31, 2023.   Register for Career Strategist today. Registration closes Thursday, August 18, 2022.

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