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Why It’s Worth Making Time for Yourself

If you glanced at that headline and thought, “I never have time for myself,” you don’t have to accept that as a fact of life. Many women put others’ needs before their own, but is that really the best way to help people? A new FranklinCovey video suggests otherwise.

The professional coaching company recently launched a short web series “The 7 Habits Coach: How to Deal with Change and Uncertainty,” based on Stephen Covey’s bestselling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In the ninth episode, FranklinCovey’s chief people officer, Todd Davis, talks about Habit 7, “Sharpen the saw.” (Missed the previous episodes? Start watching here.)

Of course, helping others is generous, but Todd suggests thinking of it in terms of the airplane safety advice to “Put your own oxygen mask on first.”  Once you have what you need, you’re in a better position to help others.

How can you invest in yourself before you start giving to others? Think about what renews and replenishes your body, heart, mind and spirit. For starters, check out a free webinar or two from Forté’s recent “Don’t Quarantine Your Career” series.  You might like Prioritizing Self-Care While Advancing Your Career, Positivity as a Driver for Connection and Resilience, or Mindfulness Tools for Uncertain Times.  If you find the webinars helpful, share the links with others. That’s generosity done right!

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