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Forté Fellow of the Month: Je’Nen Chastain

“Make sure you have a group of advocates supporting you – whether it be a friend, mentor, significant other, or family member. Surround yourself with people who will champion you through this process.”

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Forté Fellows

Forté Fellow of the Month: Chantel Adams

“Think of business school as a two-year experiment. It is a safe environment to do all of the things that you’ve been too afraid to do up until now.”

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Forté Fellows

Forté Fellow of the Month: Alicia Ling

“I decided to pursue an MBA to gain additional business knowledge and meet other classmates who share my desire to use start-ups as a vehicle for pursuing a certain goal.”

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Job Search

To Work Or Not to Work in College

by Angela Coquis

You are in college, balancing between doing well in classes and having enriching experiences outside of school. Money is tight – it would be nice to have some extra cash – but working can be taxing on your time and energy. What is a student to do?

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Personal Finance

The College Student’s Budget

by Jaskamal Gill

Budgeting money for expenses and sticking to it is a challenge for anyone and for a college student who has had little to no experience managing money, it can be even more difficult. Here are some steps from a fellow college student in managing finances while in college.

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Why Does Social Media Matter for Students?

by Caroline Herrmann

Having an online presence is critical and quantity does not necessarily presume quality, especially when it comes to digital media and their relation to the professional world. Keep these tips in mind as you search for your next big opportunity.

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