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College Student

Financing Your MBA

Thinking about an MBA, but not sure how to pay for it? Listen to a recently recorded webinar on Financing Your MBA. Learn more about your ROI and the value of the MBA. We’ll help you better understand the process and give you some tips on what you should do to prepare.

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Personal Finance

The College Student’s Savings Plan for Summer Jobs

by Jaskamal Gill

It’s tempting to splurge on a new laptop or other luxury items but as a college student, you will need the money from your summer job for the semesters ahead. Here’s a plan for saving in the summer so that you can both splurge and save for the stuff that matters.

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What Women Leaders Want

by Libby Gill

In fields traditionally led by men like technology and manufacturing, doors are opening for women. And while it’s a nice notion that simply leaning in could get us on the other side, it requires more than that. It requires walking through. Forcefully. Graciously. And immediately.

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Women of Leadership Profiles

Debra Coleman – Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Make No Unconscious Decision

Debra Coleman briefly tried working in a school…and in a corporate law office…and in a law firm that collected delinquent taxes. “I had no idea what I wanted to do!” she recalls. Graduating from Williams College with a liberal arts degree,…

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College Success

What’s Your Major: Accounting

Accounting – the major laden with stereotypes of bean counting and number crunching and views that as a profession, it is dull and boring. Well, I disagree – accounting is vastly different from these stereotypes and it is exciting if that is…

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The Importance of Mentorship: Finding Your Board of Directors

by Caroline Herrmann

Rather than adopt a general mentorship relationship between one or two people, consider fostering a “Board of Directors” – your team of mentors with a wide range of perspectives and pertinent feedback.

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