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MBA - About the MBA

Announcing the 2015 Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference

by Elissa Sangster

The women who attend the Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference will leave energized and committed to excelling in their career.

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MBA - Application Process

Meet Trailblazer Divinity Matovu: Wharton MBA Fellow and MBAMama Founder

by Mandy Dorn

MBALauncher Divinity Matovu begins University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton MBA program this fall with a focus on finance and entrepreneurial management.

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Forté Events

Make the Most of the Forté College Fast Track to Finance Conference

by Angela Guido

Live conferences, seminars, and networking events represent a unique chance to develop your networking skills, build your network, meet new friends, and be inspired.

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Early Career

How to Take the Pressure out of Networking

As an extrovert, I have always enjoyed conversing with people in social and professional settings but was apprehensive whenever I heard the term “networking.” It grated on me and connoted an expectation that I had to come away with specific action items instead of appreciating the conversation. Luckily I came to realize that networking was not in fact a dirty word and started to think of it more in terms of merely talking to and getting to know people.

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Early Career

Women Lead Webinar: Being the Boss

by Bianca Bickford

Identifying and closing both performance and opportunity gaps in the workplace are the keys to success.

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College Student

4 Tips to Grow Your Network

An important key to success in completing an MBA program is building your network. Seek out women leaders and inspiring professionals, and find ways to connect two them. Here are several tips to consider.

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