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Career Switching

So, You Want to Work at a Top Consulting Firm: Three Paths to Get You There

by Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business

Georgia Tech MBA students Paroma Chakravarty, Georgia Pearce, and Francesca Sally, all saw themselves at different places post-graduation. For one, there was hope for a supply chain placement. Another woman’s sights were set on consulting. And for another, something more people-facing…

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Career Stage

Five Leadership Lessons I Learned in Yoga Class

by Amy Orlov

I’ve learned countless leadership lessons from Jennifer Borrowman. She’s not a career coach. She’s not a colleague. She’s not even in the same field as me. Jen is my yoga teacher — and there’s a reason her classes at Purenergy Studio in…

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MBA Student

Introducing Forté MBA Takeoff: A Secret Weapon for MBA Program Success

by Wendy Dukes, Amy Orlov, and Elissa Sangster

Forté’s new MBA Takeoff program, starting this spring, will allow incoming MBA students to benefit from a network of like-minded women for a bright post-MBA future.

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MBAs on the Move

Four First-Year Wharton EMBA Students Selected for Forté Fellowships

by Meghan Laska, University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School)

This article is sponsored by Wharton MBA for Executives. This year, four first-year Wharton EMBA students were selected for Forté Fellowships. These Fellowships are prestigious, competitive awards recognizing women students who exhibit exemplary leadership, represent diverse backgrounds, and have a demonstrated…

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Forté Events

Forté’s 2021 MBA Leadership Conference Connected MBA Women from Around the World

by Lisa Beebe

On Friday, June 18, and Saturday, June 19, nearly 1,500 incoming women MBA students participated in the Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference. This annual event is a wonderful opportunity for incoming MBA women to hear from women business leaders, build their networks, and prepare to master their time at b-school.

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Forté Events

Anisha Kapoor and Cindy Hoang, Ross MBA Students, Share Takeaways from the Forté MBA Campus Leadership Summit

by Lisa Beebe

Anisha Kapoor and Cindy Hoang are the newly elected co-presidents of Michigan Business Women at University of Michigan (Ross School of Business). They spoke with Forté about their experiences at the MBA Leadership Summit, how they’ve made their mark in male-dominated fields, and their plans for the future.

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