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Early Career

Asking for Letters of Recommendations in the Fall

Those applying Round 1 or 2 are likely starting to think about asking for recommendations from your current employer.

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Early Career

Choosing Between Part-Time, Executive, or Full-Time MBA Programs

You’ve made the choice to pursue an MBA, congratulations! Before you start tackling those applications, your next big decision is to choose the type of program that is right for you.

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MBA Student

For Women in Business, a Culture Change is Underway

| MBA, business, leadership

Jaclyn Luft and Lauren Merkel have at least two things in common: they’re both studying for their MBA at McGill University and they both come to the program from non-traditional undergraduate degrees. Read Full Article »

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Early Career

Two Strategies to Jump-Start Your Essay Writing Process

Leverage interview logic and company research to write better admissions essays and prepare for your internship search at the same time.

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College Student

Business Skill Checklist for Non-Profit Leadership

What are the business skills that are most valuable to non-profits?

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Job Search

Careers in Business 101

An in-depth guide on the major functions of a business enterprise.

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