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Stephanie Henderson: From Peace Corps Plans to Pitching Stocks

by Mandy Dorn

Stephanie Henderson majored in Political Science and minored in African Studies at Middlebury College, aiming high in her plans to work for the Peace Corps in Sub-Saharan Africa. Today, she applies that same enviable ambition in a vastly different role, loving her job as an equity research analyst for Fidelity Asset Management in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Women of Leadership Profiles

Paula Tolliver – Dow: Practicality, Passion and Perspective

Paula Tolliver shares the secrets of a long successful career in business services.

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MBA - Application Process

MBA Admissions Clinic: The Back Office Banker

by Fortuna Admissions

Will top finance schools think Darsana has the necessary skills and drive to make a difficult transition, particularly when competition is so strong?

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College Student

The Women MBAs of the Fortune 100

by Julianne Perry

55% of female Fortune 100 CEOs earned their MBAs. Find out the background behind each of these successful women and how their MBA influenced their career path.

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Early Career

ExxonMobil: Empowering women entrepreneurs across Latin America, Caribbean

by ExxonMobil

Working with Vital Voices, ExxonMobil supports advanced training for women business owners in Latin America, the Caribbean and other regions.

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College Student

Find Your Business School Fit at the Forté Forums

by Alyssa Shadinger

“School websites can only convey so much information, so meeting MBA community members at events such as the Forum is essential in determining school fit. Personally, this was the most valuable aspect of the Forum.”

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