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College Student

The Women MBAs of the Fortune 100

by Julianne Perry

55% of female Fortune 100 CEOs earned their MBAs. Find out the background behind each of these successful women and how their MBA influenced their career path.

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ExxonMobil: Empowering women entrepreneurs across Latin America, Caribbean

by ExxonMobil

Working with Vital Voices, ExxonMobil supports advanced training for women business owners in Latin America, the Caribbean and other regions.

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College Student

Find Your Business School Fit at the Forté Forums

by Alyssa Shadinger

“School websites can only convey so much information, so meeting MBA community members at events such as the Forum is essential in determining school fit. Personally, this was the most valuable aspect of the Forum.”

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College Student

Forté Pre-MBA Webinars for Women

Nothing boosts your confidence like feeling completely prepared for your MBA journey. To gain the in-depth knowledge you’ll need, attend one of the many webinars geared just for pre-MBA women, brought to you by Forté.

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College Student

Forté Family: Breaking the Glass Ceiling (While Working Part-Time)

Forté Family is a quarterly newsletter featuring profiles of women in leadership and our Forté Fellows. Become a member to receive this newsletter!

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Forté Fellows

Jacqui Cuffe, 2014 Edie Hunt Award Winner: A Passion for Leadership

by Amy Heibel

“It was so cool to see these senior women and top companies all talking about the importance of having women in the company. Having women in leadership is something I’ve been passionate about for a long time.”

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