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5 Highlights from the College Finance Conference

by Luisa Chainferber

This Finance Conference will have at least one section that will help your career grow.

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Forté Events

What is Design Thinking?

by Kamaria Campbell

All you need is some creativity and a commitment to empathizing.

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Forté Events

Vote for Forté in the SXSW Panel Picker

Male allies are the focus in our proposed SXSW panels, and we need your vote.

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Heather Cabot: Geek Girl Rising

The way the tech industry has evolved into a boy’s club has made it difficult for women to feel welcome.

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Career Advancement

Kathryn Minshew: The New Rules of Work

The Muse founder chats about work in the digital age and how you can best engineer your career to get ahead.

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Forté Events

A Letter of Gratitude

by Elissa Sangster

Forté Executive Director Elissa Sangster redefines the meaning of gratitude. And we’re grateful for it.

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