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College Student

Give Like You Mean It – Strategy, Not a Big Heart, Will Bring About the Change You Want

Joanna Krotz wants women to stop throwing like girls—giving away money and time without being strategic and goal-oriented.

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College Student

Goldman Sachs Takes Corporate Philanthropy Global – Investments in Women Garner Exponential Returns

| MBA, business, leadership

In less than four years, there will be 10,000 more women in the world with a business education. And according to Goldman, Sachs & Co., the benefits of that education will accrue to far more people than those directly receiving it.

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Global Sabbaticals Give Professionals New Lease on Careers

Now, more than ever, appreciation for the world’s diversity and the ability to be effective in diverse environments and to learn from various cultural perspectives is what defines a good manager.

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Diversity and Inclusion

What Lean In Means for Women of Color

by Daria Burke

Sheryl Sandberg’s self-described feminist manifesto is provoking thought, challenging paradigms and causing women everywhere to ask, “What does this mean for me?”

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MBA Student

Navigating Challenging Situations and Working with Challenging Personalities Webinar

Everyone is challenged at times by coping with conflicting demands and challenging personalities.

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Women on Boards

What Business Schools Must Do to Put More Women in the C-Suite

by Daria Burke

With the addition of Marillyn Hewson (Lockheed Martin) and Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!) to the roster of female CEOs, women are celebrating the milestone of having reached the highest number of women in CEO positions within the Fortune 500 — a whopping 21 (4 percent).

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