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College Success

Forté C2B Conference: You Define “It”

by Ali Fraenkel

There were numerous takeaways from this session at the Forté C2B Conference, but upon surveying the reactions of Ali’s fellow attendees and asking what advice they would pass along to a friend, we focused on five key pieces of advice from Marjie Terry.

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Job Search

College Student Tips to Surviving Your Formal Interview

by Angela Coquis

If you are in a business major, it’s pretty certain that you’re going to have to take part in at least one formal interview. They are a little daunting at first, no matter what kind, but with practice and a good idea of the protocol, there’s nothing to fear!

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College Success

What’s Your Major: Accounting

by J. Gill

Accounting – the major laden with stereotypes of bean counting and number crunching and views that as a profession, it is dull and boring. Well, I disagree – accounting is vastly different from these stereotypes and it is exciting if that is…

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The Importance of Mentorship: Finding Your Board of Directors

by Caroline Herrmann

Rather than adopt a general mentorship relationship between one or two people, consider fostering a “Board of Directors” – your team of mentors with a wide range of perspectives and pertinent feedback.

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College Success

Avoid the Nightmare: Handling Group Projects

by Angela Coquis

Group projects with people you don’t know are usually demanding and stressful endeavors. They’re either pretty good at best or terrible at worst, but there are ways to make the process a little more bearable.

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College Student

The Summer Internship Equation for Rising Stars

by Nicole Chacin

Nicole shares four key elements to find success starting in your summer internship and your future career.

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