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Women of Leadership Profiles

In 20+ Years at Dow, Two Women Leaders Improve the World

by Meredith Hunt

Karen S. Carter and Jane Palmieri have been at Dow for 20+ years because of the company’s commitment to making a positive impact.

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MBAs on the Move

Using Your Strengths to Find Your Own Path

Afua Bruce shares how knowing who she is – from her individual quirks to her core principles – has helped her tailor the advice and direction she’s received throughout her career to find success.

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College Student

Strategy and Preparation: How Marie Winters, CFA, Built Her Dream Career

by Sarah Harris

This Midwestern go-getter had no idea that her problem-solving finesse would lead to a robust financial career.

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Men as Allies

Men as Allies From Campus to Corporate

Why and how are Men as Allies groups impactful? What are the key considerations in launching such programs? Hear from a panel of experienced men and women to discuss the benefits and obstacles.

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Early Career

Clear Objectives Are Vital for Effective Male Ally Programs

Some see men acting as “knights in shining armor” in the gender equity conversation. Hear why Wharton’s male ally group makes it clear they’re not trying to save the day.

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College Student

Cognizant SVP Combines Passions for Tech and Healthcare

by Meredith Hunt

If you’re given an opportunity that is not what you want, try to turn it into something you do want.

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