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Posts in MBA – Application Process

MBA - Application Process

Between the Lines

Fit. Culture. Two buzzwords often thrown about when discussing selecting which school to attend for your MBA. The school you select is not just where you will spend the majority of your time the next two years, but also consists of the people who will shape your experience in school and the rest of your life.

MBA - Application Process

What is the First Step to Tackle My Essay?

As this year’s first round deadline for MBA application is approaching, some of my friends anxiously came to me for advice about the whole process, especially about essay writing. And one of the most frequently asked question is what should I do first? After repeatedly sharing my two cents, it occurred to me maybe I should write down some of the tips I found useful to ace MBA application essays.

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MBA Women of Color Alumnae in the US Webinar

Whether you're looking to take your career to the next level, start your own venture, or change careers all together, an MBA gives you the skills, confidence and know-how to make it happen! In addition, learn more about The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, a preeminent organization for promoting diversity and inclusion in American Business.