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Forté Fellows

Forté Fellow of the Month: Catherine Wang

You will be presented a lot of opportunities during business school, be sure to stay true to yourself and what you want to accomplish so that you don’t become overwhelmed by the volume of things that you think you should get involved in. The MBA experience is one that is very transformative in many different levels.

MBA - Application Process

From the “Outside” Looking In

One of the fantastic aspects of business school is the diverse experience students bring to the table. However, coming into business from a “non-traditional” background can be, at times, intimidating. For those of you coming from outside the business world, I would like to offer a couple of tips from my experience and that of other “non-traditionalists.”

MBA - About the MBA

Networking in its Many Forms

I’m not a huge fan of the word “networking.” If you genuinely care about getting to know a person, it comes through more effectively than having an ulterior motive. People will always be welcome to an informational conversation, and there are many different types of contacts at business school:

MBA - Application Process

Between the Lines

Fit. Culture. Two buzzwords often thrown about when discussing selecting which school to attend for your MBA. The school you select is not just where you will spend the majority of your time the next two years, but also consists of the people who will shape your experience in school and the rest of your life.

MBA - Application Process

What is the First Step to Tackle My Essay?

As this year’s first round deadline for MBA application is approaching, some of my friends anxiously came to me for advice about the whole process, especially about essay writing. And one of the most frequently asked question is what should I do first? After repeatedly sharing my two cents, it occurred to me maybe I should write down some of the tips I found useful to ace MBA application essays.