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Forté Fellows

Forté Fellow Spotlight: Heidy Medina

“We are each other’s forté.”

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Financial Services

Maria DeMuro: It’s A Great Time For Women In Financial Services

by Mandy Dorn

Maria DeMuro didn’t have a distinct dream job when she was younger. However, an entry-level consulting role and networking with (mostly male) peers in financial services enabled her to discover her interest in investment banking.

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MBA - Application Process

Choosing Your MBA Program

Choose the school that feels perfect for you and enjoy the next two years.

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MBA Student

The Joy and Loathing of Case Competitions

Overall, the case competition was a complete thrill and an invaluable learning experience. We were able to meet intelligent and motivated students from other business schools that were competing, which was a great opportunity to expand our growing knowledge and network.

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Early Career

How to Take the Pressure out of Networking

As an extrovert, I have always enjoyed conversing with people in social and professional settings but was apprehensive whenever I heard the term “networking.” It grated on me and connoted an expectation that I had to come away with specific action items instead of appreciating the conversation. Luckily I came to realize that networking was not in fact a dirty word and started to think of it more in terms of merely talking to and getting to know people.

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College Student

Three Reasons Female MBAs Propel Women’s Advancement

by Elissa Sangster

Female MBAs—whether they’re pursuing or leveraging the degree—have a unique mark on women’s advancement.

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