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MBA - About the MBA

International Trips and Study Abroad

One of the biggest benefits to getting an MBA is the global exposure most programs offer. My school takes pride in being one of the first programs to require all full-time students to take a trip in either Asia or Latin America. While the travel in itself is amazing, the primary purpose of the trip is to visit companies and present a consulting-style project relevant to the firm's current business environment.

MBA - About the MBA

Great Options Before You Start Your MBA

While some pre-MBA opportunities target specific industries and career interests, or aim to attract diversity or minority candidates, there is something for everyone so check your MBA programs websites often to learn more about specific opportunities available at your schools of interest.

MBA - Application Process

Choosing an MBA Program

Applying to business school is a difficult and stressful process with the GMAT, essays, application and interviews. Now that you’ve been accepted into programs, it’s time to decide where you’ll be spending the next two years of your life. Here are some factors to consider when making that big decision.