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Job Search

To Work Or Not to Work in College

by Angela Coquis

You are in college, balancing between doing well in classes and having enriching experiences outside of school. Money is tight – it would be nice to have some extra cash – but working can be taxing on your time and energy. What is a student to do?

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Why Does Social Media Matter for Students?

by Caroline Herrmann

Having an online presence is critical and quantity does not necessarily presume quality, especially when it comes to digital media and their relation to the professional world. Keep these tips in mind as you search for your next big opportunity.

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Forté Events

2014 Forté College 2 Business Leadership Conference

Are you an exceptional student leader interested in building your skills and enhancing your resume? Have you considered a career in business? Attend the Forté College 2 Business Leadership Conference to explore opportunities you never knew existed!

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Forté Webinars for College Women

Forté offers webinars exclusively for college students as you prepare for your career and beyond. Regardless of your major, we help you explore your options and build a solid business foundation that will be the base of your job success.

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Job Search

College Guide to Job and Internship Fairs

by Kaitlyn Lannan

Career and internship fairs can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never been to one before. It’s important to prepare before you go, so here are some tips on navigating the fair.

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College Student

Benchmarks not Barriers: Learning to Set Goals Without Limiting Yourself

by Nicole Chacin

While we may position ourselves for success within our major or school environment, it is also just as likely that in setting strong and sturdy pathways for our future we may overlook — or worse, micro-define — our roles and position in the grand scheme.

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