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How to Hit the (Recruiting) Ground Running in August

Once recruiting starts, you will have tons of people asking you to sum up everything that’s awesome about you ever. The break you have right now is a really good time to think back over all you’ve accomplished in your professional career and sketch out stories that demonstrate leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, analytical ability – basic things you’ll be asked for in interviews.

Job Search

Job Interviews – Tell Them What You Want to Tell Them

Interviews are a tricky thing – students spend months preparing, studying, networking, and in the end it comes down to a couple hours of Q&A that are totally unpredictable. Companies ask questions ranging from “What are your 5 weaknesses” to “If you had to make a speech at your retirement party, what would you say?” and candidates must be ready to tackle it all. However, there are a few strategies I learned through interviewing, most importantly how to “tell them what you want to tell them”.