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Diversity and Inclusion

Engaging Allies: Resources Focused on Workplace Equality

What advice and models worth emulating do top companies have to offer to broaden the conversation about workplace equality? We compiled this list of resources to capture some emerging thought leadership.

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Career Switching

Taking a Career Break? Here’s What You Need to Know

“Stepping out” of the workforce is a reality for many corporate women.

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Building New Girls Networks, One Woman at a Time

Whether in subtle and informal ways or through company-sponsored networking groups, women are taking it upon themselves to build their own girls’ networks in the hope that, one day, they’ll rival the old boys’ ones.

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College Student

Why Earn An MBA?

Still sitting on the fence about whether you want to pursue that MBA degree? Not sure you want to spend the money, miss out on two years’ salary, or, more importantly, if a career in business meshes with your life plan?…

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Forté Sponsor News

Stern MBA Program Satisfies Both Sides of The Brain

You’re interested in an MBA, but worried it might steer you into a career with no room for self-expression?

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Forté Sponsor News

MBA Programs Strive For Better Fit with Female Candidates

When the traditional two-year, full-time MBA program just isn’t in the cards, take heart. There’s a growing contingent of alternatives for the career-minded woman, whether considering an MBA in the near future or planning for it further down the career path.

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