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Forté Fellows

Fellow Friday: Tell Your Unique Story

by Komaki Foster

“It’s important for an applicant to be confident in the achievements she has made in her professional and personal life.”

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Early Career

Fellow Friday: Day in the Life of a First Year MBA

by Aileen Maria-Ritchie

“Even though it can be tough—the learning process is rewarding, fulfilling, and 100% worth it.”

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MBA - Application Process

Fellow Friday: Is Business School Right For You?

by Stephanie Machado

Deciding whether business school is the right place for you can be a life altering decision. From the moment you entertain the idea, thousands of variables come in to play and it can become very overwhelming.

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Forté Fellows

Forté Fellow Spotlight: Laju Obasaju

by Laju Obasaju

“At a time when many of my classmates were just beginning their internship searches, I already had connections and informational interviews set up with several industry leaders.”

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Forté Fellows

Forté Fellow Spotlight: Isabel Shelton

by Isabel Shelton

“At the end of the day, losing your authenticity can only hurt you.”

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Forté Fellows

Forté Fellow Spotlight: Celeste Jalbert

by Celeste Jalbert

“I chose to pursue my MBA at Rotman because of the (as yet) unrealized potential I see in building social and sustainable outcomes into companies’ business models.”

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