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Highlights from the Dialogue with Leadership [VIDEO]

This year, Deloitte Senior Partner Jocelyn Cunningham and Walmart Executive Vice President Gisel Ruiz participated in the dialogue moderated by Dr. Catherine Tinsley, Professor at Georgetown’s McDonough School and Director of the Georgetown Women’s Leadership Institute.

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College Student

The Women MBAs of the Fortune 100

by Julianne Perry

55% of female Fortune 100 CEOs earned their MBAs. Find out the background behind each of these successful women and how their MBA influenced their career path.

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Women of Leadership Profiles

Jennifer Colosimo – DaVita: Seeking Wisdom vs. Seeking Promotion

Jennifer Colosimo doesn’t shy away from talking about the challenges of being a woman in the business world. She’s worked hard to cultivate professional relationships that lead to inclusion, which is different than diversity.

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MBA - Application Process

ROI on Forté MBALaunch Has Exponential Benefits

by Divinity Matovu

The return on investment in Forté MBALaunch is truly exponential through new connections, GMAT prep, and a support network of women with like-minded goals.

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College Student

The Forté Foundation’s Elissa Ellis Sangster: Q&A –

Last year, with new records set by Harvard Business School and Wharton for female MBA enrollment, and with HBS dean Nitin Nohria vowing to double the number of case studies featuring female protagonists in five years, forward momentum on b-school gender…

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College Student

From Exploring to Applying: The Forté Forums

by Maureen Keegan

Maureen attended the Forté Forum several times and shares how she learned something new each time that set her on the MBA path.

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