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Fail Upwards

We tend to hate failure because we don’t put it in the right perspective. We often internalize our shortcomings, deeming ourselves the failure, rather than recognizing that we simply fell short of our own objectives. When cast in the correct light, you can see that failure is no enemy; it is your greatest teacher.


Introduce Yourself: Effective Networking Openers

Most communication is spontaneous. Think about it — how often do you get to pull out that canned speech you memorized to explain who you are to a complete stranger? It’s important to be flexible and improvise when you are meeting new people in a professional context. Planning the highlights of what you want to say at networking events will help you engage confidently in these interactions.


What Women Leaders Want

In fields traditionally led by men like technology and manufacturing, doors are opening for women. And while it's a nice notion that simply leaning in could get us on the other side, it requires more than that. It requires walking through. Forcefully. Graciously. And immediately.