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Forté Fellows

Jacqui Cuffe, 2014 Edie Hunt Award Winner: A Passion for Leadership

by Amy Heibel

“It was so cool to see these senior women and top companies all talking about the importance of having women in the company. Having women in leadership is something I’ve been passionate about for a long time.”

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Job Search

A Netflix for Your Career? It’s Possible.

by Frida Polli

How awesome is it when Netflix recommends you a TV series that then becomes your new favorite? Or Amazon suggests a book that you can’t put down? Wouldn’t be it great if the same could happen for your career?

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College Success

What’s Your Major: Management Information Systems

by Angela Coquis

In our “What’s Your Major” series, Angela discusses the MIS degree and why she chose it.

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Forté Webinars for College Women

Forté offers webinars exclusively for college students as you prepare for your career and beyond. Regardless of your major, we help you explore your options and build a solid business foundation that will be the base of your job success.

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Job Search

My First Career Fair

by Angela Coquis

Angela’s first career fair made her a little nervous but with preparation and support from her friends, she discovered that it can be a valuable resource.

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Forté Events

Transitioning from Engineering to Business with the MBA Webinar

This webinar is specifically targeted for women with engineering backgrounds applying for the MBA. With the help of seasoned MBA admission professionals, we’ll help you better understand and prepare for the journey ahead.

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