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What #BeABoss Means to Someone Who Never Thought She’d #BeABoss

by Alex Shadrow, CEO of UNItiques

So what does it mean to #BeABoss? More than anything it means to want more and to go out there and at least try to get it.

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Donors Making a Difference: Bridget Weishaar

by Mandy Dorn

Bridget Weishaar is a stock analyst at Morningstar and founder of The Shaare, a business journal written for, by, and about women. Learn about her career and MBA journey and why she gives back to Forté.

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MBAs on the Move

Lee Gonzalez – L&L Hospitality & INSEAD: Define the Next Great Adventure

Lee’s start on Wall Street, international experience, and INSEAD MBA help her make a mark in hospitality and as a serial entrepreneur.

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Job Search

Your Career After Business School: MBA Recruiting is Different

by Sarah Rumbaugh

Sarah Rumbaugh found the MBA recruiting process hard to navigate and started her own business as a result. Sarah shares five principles to help manage (and get through) choosing your career.

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College Student

Book Review: By Invitation Only

by Nicole Chacin

Nicole shares why “By Invitation Only” is an excellent read for any woman interested in finance, fashion, technology, and start-ups.

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Job Search

A Netflix for Your Career? It’s Possible.

by Frida Polli

How awesome is it when Netflix recommends you a TV series that then becomes your new favorite? Or Amazon suggests a book that you can’t put down? Wouldn’t be it great if the same could happen for your career?

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