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Navigating Conflict, Contention and Competing Perspectives Webinar

Leadership Expert and Executive Coach, Wanda Wallace, will facilitate the first in a two part series on conflict that will provide a primer on handling this common workplace issue.

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College Student

Careers with Social Impact and the Call for Strong Women Leaders in Education Webinar

Educational inequity faces many of our young girls in the K-12 educational system, particularly girls from low-income communities, and the implications extend well beyond their school years into their future earning potential. We need strong leaders in education to help solve these important challenges.

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Emotional Intelligence: Do You Have it When it Counts? Webinar

Your education got you in the door, but Emotional Intelligence, the awareness of yourself and others and the ability to manage both yourself and others in order to further relationships, is the key to advancing your career. This webinar will introduce the pillars of EI and provide some tips in order to exercise EI when it matters most.

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Women on Boards

Women on Corporate Boards: Confronting Reality Webinar

by Beth Michaels

Beth Michaels Primer, president of Primer, Michaels, is co-author of the first leadership book for the investment industry and a leadership professor for Northwestern University graduate programs. Beth will host an exclusive webinar on November 21 titled Women on Corporate Boards: Confronting Reality. Beth previews a few key insights that she will share in her session.

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Stiletto Networks: How Women Build Power Circles for Career Success Webinar

Ambitious women are joining forces in every major American city, forming dinner groups and networking circles–collaborating to achieve clout and success. Learn from Pamela Ryckman how to build your own Stiletto Network in this webinar.

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MBA Admissions Insider: Application Tips Webinar

Applying to an MBA program can be a daunting and challenging process. With the help of seasoned MBA Admission professionals, we’ll help you better understand and prepare for the journey ahead.

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