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College Student

Developing as a Leader in High School and College

by Lauren Hawkins

Lauren, a graduating senior, shares her high school and college experiences that have influenced her into becoming both a visionary and transformational leader.

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Job Search

Beating the Holiday Hump

by Caroline Herrmann

Before you get too comfortable being in your flannel pajamas while eating home-cooked food and watching movie marathons, it is important to keep in mind that the holiday season can be one for both relaxation and productivity.

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College Student

My Schedule is Full! It’s Campus Recruiting Time

So, friends, we are officially in full-tilt recruiting season! Company representatives (and usually some alumni) are visiting our little corner of the world to show what their companies have to offer and what kinds of jobs they have available. These presentations are usually followed by a day of interviews for the afore-mentioned job opportunities. Doing the math with my hp12c calculator (that I bought for school and now use as a paperweight), I have calculated that ambitious students can have up to 10 interviews a week! Most don’t, but there is a buzz around campus about who is interviewing for what positions.

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MBA - Application Process

Should I Re-Take the GMAT?

You have prepared for the GMAT, taken the courses and still are not happy with your GMAT score, so you ask yourself “should I take it again?” If you feel like you can improve with some studying, it’s definitely worth another try.

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How to Choose Student Organizations in College

by Nicole Chacin

With hundreds of student organizations on any given college campus, it is no wonder that considering where to allocate time and effort can have a dizzying effect.

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College Student

The MBA Career and Industry Night Experience

Both alumni and contacts of USC Marshall are gracious enough to come onto campus after their busy workday, and participate in multiple roundtable sessions with students. They share their work experiences and answer questions in small groups. This is an invaluable learning experience for MBA students, and just one touch point in maintaining relationships with these companies.

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