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Diversity and Inclusion

What Authenticity in the Workplace Means to Five LGBTQ+ MBAs

by Elissa Sangster, CEO of Forté

Forté fosters a community of diverse business leaders whose personal identities and professional backgrounds strengthen our values of diversity and inclusion. We strive to build an inclusive culture where everyone is empowered to be the type of leader and role model…

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Let’s Talk About Gender Equity: 10 Conversation Starters

by Amy Orlov

One of the best ways to support gender equity is by talking about it with your friends, family, and colleagues. To help spark these important discussions, we created a list — which includes conversation openers, discussion questions, and key topics — to encourage dialogue on both gender equity and allyship.

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Is “Professionalism” Holding Women Back?

by Amy Orlov

In the business world, people expect each other to look and behave in professional ways — but “professional” means different things at different workplaces. In some cases, “professionalism” could be used to discriminate against someone who doesn’t fit a certain mold.

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MBA - About the MBA

Case-Writing Competition: The Case for Women

by Lisa Beebe

Women MBA students deserve better representation in their class materials.

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Men as Allies

Expanding Our Allyship Programs to Be as Inclusive as Possible

by Amy Orlov

As part of Forté’s mission to advance women in business, we want to involve as many people as possible in the gender equity movement. In 2016, Forté launched its Men as Allies initiative to help men understand how they can support women in the workplace as well as on MBA campuses.

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Forté News

2021 Edie Hunt Winners Share Passion for Advocacy

by Meredith Hunt

Alberta Asafo-Asamoah and Aoife Considine are both soon-to-be MBA graduates of Imperial College Business School in London. They both serve as leaders of Imperial MBA Women and are fierce advocates for underrepresented populations. At the recent MBA Women’s Leadership Conference, Forté named them both winners of the 2021 Edie Hunt Inspiration Award, which recognizes the achievements of women MBAs at Forté partner schools.

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