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I’ve Got the Power to…

Women at the Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference share their ambition and dreams.

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Women of Leadership Profiles

Milena Beshkova – UMT Consulting: Never Overlook the Human Elements of Business or Success

by Mandy Dorn

As the latest and the youngest woman leader on the UMT Consulting management team, Milena Beshkova recognized a unique opportunity to help her female peers. She pitched—and now leads—UMT’s Gender Balance and Mentoring and Coaching Initiatives, and women’s promotion rates have already improved dramatically in under a year.

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MBA - About the MBA

Announcing the 2015 Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference

by Elissa Sangster

The women who attend the Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference will leave energized and committed to excelling in their career.

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College Student

The Women Business Leaders of Tomorrow

Forté Foundation is building the pipeline of future leaders in business. Meet a few of these women in this short video.

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College Student

How We Can Put More Women in the MBA Pipeline – Fortune

by Elissa Sangster

Business schools are increasingly reaching out to undergrad and high-school women—but they can’t turn the tide alone.

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Early Career

Finding My Flame

by Kate Ansari

“Today, more and more successful businesses are led by people like me who do not wear suits. So even if you aren’t the classic MBA candidate, you can still succeed in business school. You just have to be drawn to it.”

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