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Work/Life Effectiveness

How Seven Intrepid Businesswomen Balance Motherhood With the MBA

by Elissa Sangster, CEO of Forté

We talk with MBA moms about how they balance work/life/motherhood and what they like about being a mom with an MBA.

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Work/Life Effectiveness

Practicing Mindfulness Each Day Keeps Stress at Bay

by Crystal Zuzek

Shannon Reinard Demko, founder of MindfulMBA, shares the ways we can incorporate mindfulness techniques into our lifestyle to reduce stress and enhance our quality of life.

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MBA Student

Introducing Forté MBA Takeoff: A Secret Weapon for MBA Program Success

by Wendy Dukes, Amy Orlov, and Elissa Sangster

Forté’s new MBA Takeoff program, starting this spring, will allow incoming MBA students to benefit from a network of like-minded women for a bright post-MBA future.

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MBA - About the MBA

Three Ways to Leverage the Power of Community to Find (and Thrive in) an MBA

by Randee Comstock and Courtney Crumby, Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business MBA students

There are many factors that prospective MBA students consider when selecting their school. From location to career services, each prospective student has their unique list of priorities. For Randee Comstock and Courtney Crumby, two Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business MBA…

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MBA Student

Negotiations Across Your MBA Journey: A Primer

by Diane Fennig

Career Development Coach Diane Fennig offers advice to incoming MBA students on the art of negotiation.

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Level Up Your Career

How To Thrive at Your MBA Internship

by Dani Grodsky, Tepper School of Business MBA 2022

One of the most significant parts of your MBA is the internship. It’s where you hone new skills, perhaps branch out into a new industry or function, and make important connections. For many people, it’s where you’ll work after you finish…

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