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Diversity and Inclusion

How to Defend Against the Subtle Sexism in Today’s Workplaces

by Elizabeth Stokes

Michelle Friedman outlines steps for women to defend against subtle forms of sexism while advancing their careers.

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The Fastest Way To Better Networking: How You Introduce Yourself

by Alyssa Gelbard

You control the message about how you want to be thought of professionally.

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College Student

2059: A Bridge Too Far

by Pam Bixby

According to the IWPR, at the current rate of change, it will be 2059 before women in the United States earn as much as men for equal work.

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Early Career

Equal Pay Day: Empowered to Negotiate

Forté is sharing the Empowered to Negotiate webinar free for April to mark Equal Pay Day.

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Early Career

For Many Male Allies Effective Change Comes from Personal Experiences

Duke Fuqua grad Matthew Pilnik strives to create “aha” moments for his peers who acknowledge gender inequality but don’t see why it’s an issue for them to fight.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Lilly Ledbetter Fought for Equal Pay

by Meredith Hunt

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act widened the opportunity for women to demand equal pay. Meet the woman behind the Act.

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