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Early Career

The New Face of Flexibility

The new face of flexibility is gender-neutral, as employers recognize the many dynamics that affect the 21st century workplace. For women who are looking for companies at the leading edge of workplace flexibility, we share some advice.

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Women of Leadership Profiles

Cathy L. Williams: Find the Right Partners for Success

Finding balance in your life and a good fit in your workplace are greater attributors to success than anything else, believes Cathy L. Williams, former CFO of Shell Canada and MBA ’77 Queen’s University.

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Early Career

At a Crossroads: Staying in the Workforce or Stepping Out

When situations come up in a career woman’s life—pregnancy, adoption, illness, illness of a loved one —it represents a crossroads. Should she stay in the workforce or should she step out for a time?

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You’re Never Too Young to Network

Whether she knows it or not, Patricia Schwarz—a senior in high school—is an expert networker.

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Chantelle Ludski: Founder & CEO, Fresh! Gourmet Organics

For many entrepreneurs, starting a business is the culmination of a lifelong dream. But for Chantelle Ludski, it turned out to be “completely opportunistic.”

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College Student

Looking for a Few Good Women: Business/Tech Combo Degrees

Want to exercise that technical degree while advancing your career and moving into management?

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